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Looking forward for 2018 season onwards, we would like to include the measurement of yaw, roll angles along with longitudinal, lateral and transversal acceleration.

In particular, the ECU will determine precisely the effective value of lean angle while cornering.

 This ECU features is developed in conjunction with a new, affordable, inertial measuring unit (IMU).

The DoIMU is the combination of 3 linear and 2 rotational accelerometers. The sensor features an high speed CAN-signal output.  This combination of rotational and lineal acceleration sensors gives highly precise signal output set, giving the real Moto3 vehicle dynamics. DoIMU is design to operate only in combination with new DoPE ECU firmware. The sensor includes MEMS measuring elements connected to a specific integrated circuit. A rotational acceleration of sensor elements changes the internal capacity of the micro machined sensing parts. In addition, sensor element is used to measure the vehicle linear acceleration in all 3 axis.


Main Characteristric:

Measuring range

 - roll rate/yaw rate ±163°/s

- X, Y and Z acceleration±4.2 g

Mechanical Data

 - Weight w/o wire 35 g

- Size 80 x 56 x 21 mm

Electrical Data

 - Power supply 7 to 18 V

- Max input current 90 mA

Operating temperatures

- Operating temperature range -20 to 85°C