>>> LATEST update <<<


ECU DoPe 2.0 FIRMWARE 17.003 (vs 16.008):

>>> Update fee: Euro 250,00+VAT where applicable

· Transponder diagnosis with dashboard message

· Neutral gear threshold for both N-1-2… and 1-N-2… gearboxes

· Improved CAN and Ethernet line management

· Stepper motor drive controlled at 12 V rms



· Tool for homologated configuration check

· DoDATA 64bit version now available

· DoDATA enhanced reporting


DASHBOARD FIRMWARE 1.12 (vs 1.09):

>>> Update FREE of charge!

· Quicker dashboard response

· Rider page with red frame gear indication

· Mechanical page with easy to see colored values

· Race direction messages, including exceeding track limit

· Split time lamp, showing improvement for each track section

· GPS with beacon recognition feature