DoPE 2.0

Main Features (DoPE 2.0)

Unit Integrated engine management and data acquisition
- Fully machined anodized light alloy case
- 55-way military connector
- Integrated Lambda Controller
- Four-dimensional injection control maps for upper and lower injectors
- Four-dimensional ignition advance control maps
- Engine brake and quick gear shift management
- Three sets of handlebar switchable maps
- Transient dynamic plus air-box pressure and temperature compensations 
- Option for traction control and launch control
- Integrated data acquisition through 15 analog inputs and Can line
- CAN interface dashboard

- Ethernet PC communication line

- 4 additional analogue channel became available

- 2 of the new 4-analogue channels feature an higher sampling frequency

- 6 analogue channels are now available with 12-bit resolution

- DC-motor closed-loop control and knock sensor controls will be no longer available