Matrix4   >>>OUT OF PRODUCTION<<<

The dashboard has been approved by World Championship Organizer for 2014 season. It includes:

  • Red lamps for warning messages located in a separated dashboard area
  • Race Direction messages on LCD display
  • Blue lamps array for gearshift point
  • Orange lamp for pit limiter
  • Green lamp for launch control
  • Green ring on wiring harness for quick check of dashboard version conformity
  • Up to 4 additional analog data input acquisition to ECU (CAN expander)


It is a plug-and-play component, fully interchangeable with previous Matrix3 and it does not require configuration settings or additional wiring cables.


It is also able to visualize half-time (or times per each track sector) comparing them with rider's best lap or with a benchmark lap set with MAT.


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Dashboard 2014 Tech Specifics
Technical descriptions of the changes implemented on the new dashboard for World GP.
Adobe Acrobat Document 731.3 KB