Readers ask: Who Were The Major Carburetor Manufacturers?

When did Carter carburetor go out of business?

During its operational life, the plant manufactured carburetors for gasoline- and diesel-powered engines. In 1984, ACF Industries Inc. closed the plant and dismantled much of the equipment.

What happened Carter carburetor?

In 1984, with fuel injection having replaced carburetors on most cars, the plant closed. In 1985, American Car and Foundry shut down the entire Carter Carburetor foundry, a year later ceding the PCB-contaminated property to the City of St. Louis. The plant became an EPA Superfund site.

Where are Solex carburetors made?

It was also constructed under licence in many countries. Today, the VĂ©loSoleX is again manufactured in France. The trademark “VELOSOLEX” is the property of Velosolex America, LLC which markets the VĂ©loSoleX motorized bicycle worldwide.

Where are Zenith carburetors made?

Today, the company is known as Zenith Fuel Systems LLC, with headquarters and a modern manufacturing facility in Bristol, Virginia and still offers original manufacturing equipment and replacement carburetors and kits.

What does Carter AFB stand for?

In 1957, Carter started marketing the AFB series carburetor, and it quickly became a widely accepted standard for the automotive industry from the late Fifties into the late Sixties. AFB stands for “aluminum four barrel ” and this carburetor was used as original equipment on many OE performance engine options.

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Who invented carburettor?

William Carter only helmed the company for 13 years before American Car and Factory bought the company, and continued to run it as a standalone company until 1985. Carter models are still produced today by Weber and Edelbrock.

How do you check a Carter carburetor?

The Carter AFB carburetors are roll stamped with an identification marking at the right front base of the carburetor’s mounting ear. The top line of the roll stamp identification has the carburetor identification number.

Is Carter and Edelbrock the same?

Carter AFB’s are the same thing as the Edelbrock Performer series carbs, Carter made them first, but edelbrock bought the design.

What is the working Solex carburetor?

In Solex Carburetor, the Fuel chamber is the part that collects fuel from the fuel tank and stores it to create air-fuel mixture in the carburetor. This fuel chamber has a float that is used to maintain the level of fuel in the fuel chamber. There is a main line through which the fuel reaches the venturi throat tube.

Are Solex carbs any good?

Solex carbs work fine. The big difference is the choke. It’s an enrichment device, and requires a different cold start technique. Pull the choke out and use no throttle while cranking.

Where is Solex carburetor used?

Solex carburetor is used by many top European automobile manufacturers like Mercedes, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce. It is also used by the Indian automobile manufacturer.

How do I identify my Zenith carb series?

Zenith carburetor produced after about 1980 will not have the round tag, but will have a tiny number stamped (never raised) in a semi-circle on the body of the carburetor. Some Zenith carburetors produced in the 1920’s up to about 1935 have a long thin rectangular tag with the Zenith number stamped.

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Where are Stromberg carburetors made?

Units built in the Elmira, New York, factory can be identified by a “1-1” casting number on the base.

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