Readers ask: What Is The Port For On A Ms290 Carburetor?

Why did Stihl discontinue the MS290?

Stihl’s #1 selling chainsaw for years running, the MS 290 Farm Boss, is being discontinued. They stopped production on the Farm Boss nearly a year ago and supply is becoming scarce.

Does the Stihl MS290 have a decompression valve?

It has always been very hard to start as the engine’s compression rips the pull start cord out of my hand when I give it a yank. There is no decompression button on this saw but it sure seems like there should be. In watching videos of other people starting their 290’s they don’t have the problem I have.

Is a Stihl MS 290 a good saw?

The Stihl MS290 is considered an ideal work saw for landowners, and sits firmly in Stihl’s “Farm and Ranch” category. Known as the “Farm Boss” in the United Sates, it was a one-time best-selling chainsaw in the region.

What is the LA screw on a Stihl carburetor?

The LA setting on Stihl chainsaws is controlled by a screw on the outer housing of the engine that adjusts the flow of fuel and air through the carburetor. This screw is inside the engine housing on the carburetor, but is accessible through a hole or gap in the outer housing of the saw.

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How much does a Stihl 290 cost?

Does stihl plan to continue making the 290? AFAIK the 290 is still in active production. It’s at a fantastic price point of $379.95 which is bound to be a thorn in Husqvarna’s side ($419.95 for the 455 Rancher IIRC).

How much compression should a Stihl ms290 have?

According to Stihl USA, the minimum compression reading for their chainsaws should be around 110 psi. Some individual engines may run a bit higher or lower and the temperature of the tool can affect readings. A cool chainsaw runs low, while a hot engine that’s been running for awhile will usually be higher.

Is the Stihl MS 310 a pro saw?

Series 1127Mid-Range UseMore power than the MS 290? With all the same features as the STIHL FARM BOSS®, the MS 310 has a price you’ll love. This mid-range chainsaw has an excellent power-to-weight ratio and provides all the advantages of a professional chainsaw at a cost you can live with.

Are STIHL made in China?

“Our factory here in China is an important member of STIHL’s international manufacturing network. STIHL produces chainsaws, brushcutters and hedge trimmers in China for the Asian and international markets.

Is a MS 290 a pro saw?

Mod the muffler on the 290 and keep it (unless it’s an even trade). Yes one is a pro saw and the other is a homeowner saw but the homeowner saw can sure wake up once it breaths good. I run 16-20″ bars on all my 290’s series saws and don’t have any problems.

What is the H and L on a carburetor?

They are typically labeled L (low speed jet), H (high speed jet), and I (idler jet).

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What does HL and La mean on a Stihl chainsaw?

One marked “H”, for high speed, one marked “L”, for low speed and one marked “LA”, which is your low speed air adjustment for idle.

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