Readers ask: How To Remove Choke Cable From Carburetor?

How do you free up a stuck choke cable?

Pour penetrating oil into the cable (Photo 1). Grab the inner cable with pliers and work it up and down to loosen it. When the cable moves freely and all the penetrating oil has drained out, squirt silicone lubricant into the funnel to keep the cable sliding freely. Reinstall the cable (Photo 2).

How do you remove a stuck choke plunger from a carburetor?

Re: Mikuni Carb Help – choke plunger stuck Keep soaking it in PB Blaster or Kroil for a few days. Alternate by warming the carb body with a heat gun and seeing if it will pull out. If you need more aggressive a propane torch, but that will likely ruin the rubber seal on the bottom of the plunger.

Can you remove a choke from a motorcycle?

You need to have the motorcycle secure in order to remove the choke cable. To do this, you should put it on a lift. Failing that, you can also use a motorcycle jack or even just have it on the kickstand, although you won’t find it as stable.

Where is the choke on a 4 wheeler?

Some ATV’s have a choke lever located on the carburetor and is on when the lever is up. Some choke levers are actuated by a thumb tab on the left side handle by pushing it to pull a cable. Either way, the choke should be open to starting a cold engine.

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Why is my choke cable stuck?

A better solution is to just lubricate your sticking cable so the choke can operate easily and smoothly so you can set it in just the right position. If you haven’t regularly lubricated your cable the friction of the cable moving in the sleeve can quickly wear through the cable housing.

Are throttle cables universal?

In today’s modern vehicles, throttle cables are obsolete with the widespread use of drive-by-wire throttle pedal assemblies. Our universal throttle cable offerings fit most any application or engine type and mounting location.

How do you free a stuck carburetor?

Open the hood and locate the carburetor body. Tap the top of the carburetor gently but firmly with a small hammer or screwdriver handle. Tap the bowl of the carburetor firmly. This may loosen a stuck float valve, allowing the float to work properly until you can fix the problem permanently.

Does choke open or closed carburetor?

The choke is a plate in the carburetor that opens and closes to allow more or less air into the engine. The choke is only used when starting a cold engine. When doing a cold start, the choke should be closed to limit the amount of air going in.

What does a plunger do on a carburetor?

It chokes the air flow to enrichen fuel mixture for better cold starting. The Mikuni “choke” is really not a choke, it is a “fuel enrichener” because it adds a shot of gas to the existing volume or flow of air. To open the throttle on the fuel enrichener system when starting, negates the effect of adding more fuel.

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