Question: How To Remove Throttle Cable From Carburetor Goldwing 1100?

Does the throttle cable Go to the carburetor?

Install the opposite ends of the throttle cables to the carburetor or throttle body, tightening the threaded ends of the cable guides into the cable bracket completely. Slide the cables’ barrels into the valve catches and twist the throttle tube slightly to check that the valves open and close properly.

How do I remove the cable from my carburetor?

To remove the throttle cable, first pull the rubber on the cable. Then unscrew the locknut, which is closest to the carburetor, from the throttle cable. The locknut is attached to the tubular L – shaped fitting which comes out of the triangular cover on the brake side of the quad.

What is throttle cable in motorcycle?

The throttle cable may seem like a simple part of your bike, but it can keep you from riding if not properly maintained or replaced. The throttle cable connects your mind and body to the heart of your machine, which makes it an incredibly important link.

Why is my throttle cable stuck?

Debris can get caught between the throttle tube and the handlebar, and cause it to stick. Another culprit happens at the other end of the throttle cable. Down at the carburetor, the cable gets stuck, so even when you rotate the grip to ease up on the throttle, it still stays open.

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Can you fix a throttle cable?

Although the easiest solution for a ripped throttle cable is to replace the ripped one with a new one, it can be pretty expensive. It is possible, however, to easily repair your ripped throttle cable if it is ripped at the throttle end.

Are throttle cables universal?

In today’s modern vehicles, throttle cables are obsolete with the widespread use of drive-by-wire throttle pedal assemblies. Our universal throttle cable offerings fit most any application or engine type and mounting location.

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