How To Adjust Choke On Snowmobile Carburetor?

How does a choke work on a snowmobile?

Basically all a choke does is restrict airflow to the carb so the air/fuel mixture going into the engine is in a “rich condition” meaning a lot more fuel/oil than air. The choke creates a vacuum to pull more fuel from the jets and into the air/fuel mixture.

How do you adjust a snowmobile choke cable?

Here’s what I do.. remove one of the plungers from the carb, adjust the other until there is a little bit of free play in the choke lever, then tighten that one up. Remove that one and screw the second into it’s carb and adjust again until there is about the same amount of free play in the lever, tighten that up.

Why is my snowmobile idling high?

High idle is caused by a lean condition. You can adjust the carbs using the fuel screws and/or air screws if you carbs have air screws(older models didn’t). Turn fuel screws out or air screws in. However, make small adjustments as many times it’s tough to find a sweet spot.

How does a plunger style choke work?

The way they work is the choke plunger covers a passage in the carb body that when the plunger is raised it allows fuel to flow through the passage. When the choke is off the plunger seals up that passage. You must make sure you completely seal that passage in the body so fuel can not flow.

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Which way is choke on a Mikuni carb?

Just remember that if the plunger is UP, the choke is ON. If the plunger is DOWN, the choke is OFF.

How do you adjust a choke pull?

On a cold engine, most preferably in the AM after sitting all night. Hit the throttle to close the choke plate. Then apply vacuum to the choke pull off. and adjust the screw until there is 1/8th inch between the choke plate and the carb body.

How do I know if my electric choke is working?

Check from red plug to ground to be sure you have power first. Your photo shows the choke in it’s cold or closed position. When you work the throttle the fast idle cam (other side of the carb) should rotate into the fast idle position. Turn the ignition on and wait a work the throttle again.

Why does my snowmobile only run with choke on?

Check the fuel filter A fuel filter’s function is to screen out dirt from fuel, but if the filter becomes too dirty, it will hinder the free flow of fuel. So if your snowmobile runs only on choke or half choke, it would help if you check the fuel filter. Fortunately, a fuel filter is cheap and easy to replace.

Can you start a snowmobile without a choke?

The best way to start a sled with no choke is to pour about 1/4 cup of mixed gas in ONE of the carbs. Assuming this is a single carb model, less would be safer to avoid flooding.

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How do you start a snowmobile with a choke?

On an electric snowmobile, turn the key to the “Start” position and listen to the engine purr. Release the choke once the engine is running smoothly. For a manual machine, pull out the recoil starter cord until you feel resistance, and then pull it firmly, as you would with a lawn mower.

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